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About Us

For The Bearded began with one simple idea in mind: to make a high quality product that is easily accessible for anyone with a beard. 

The idea for For The Bearded all started one night when I was trimming my beard. I made the decision to create my own oils and creams since I couldn't find a product that was to my liking. After some research and consulting my Cosmetology school books, I found a ton of different ingredients that are great for both your facial hair and skin.

I started experimenting with different oils and creams at home and sending them out to friends to test out. After testing out a few batches of products,  I contacted a cosmetics lab to help me with the process. Together, we came up with a great blend of hair softening and skin moisturizing ingredients that make up the For The Bearded brand.  

With these products, we hope to show all you beard owners out there that taking care of your beard is just as important as taking care of and styling your hair. It's something that should be added to your daily routine in order to have a soft beard that smells great!

For you. For your Beard. For The Bearded.





Photography by Matt Rose Photography